Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let's Go, Froggy!

Title: Let's Go, Froggy!
Author: Jonathan London
Illustrator: Frank Remkiewicz
Publisher: Viking
Acquired: Borrowed from library
LLK Rating: 5 stars

From the cover flap: Spring is finally here, and Froggy can't wait to go on a bike trip and picnic with his father. But first he has to find his bicycle helmet, butterfly net, trading cards-- will he ever get out the door? Kid-pleasing sound effects and hilariously expressive illustrations make this a perfect choice for the read-aloud crowd.

Beanie's reaction: He had so much fun with this book, he was shaking. He was so excited! It was a FROG, for crying out loud. A frog, in pajamas, riding a bike, with butterflies out his window and it was so exciting! He kept gasping and pointing and he had a blast with Froggy.

Goobie's reaction: He joined us about halfway through the book, and stayed to the end. He wasn't as enthusiastic about it as Beanie was, but he was smiling and laughing and enjoying Froggy. He especially could relate to Froggy having to look for things. Goobie is constantly searching for some toy or special thing he's misplaced. And mommy and daddy are always telling him to go look for it, so he really could identify with Froggy and I could see some relief on his face. He wasn't the only one who had to go look for things!!

Mommy's reaction: Let's Go, Froggy! was fun to read. The sound effects mentioned in the cover-flap made the story interactive. When Froggy goes "flop flop flop" we used our feet to flop. When Froggy hits his head and it goes "bonk!" we pretended to do the same. This even got Goobie into the story. The main reason I enjoyed this book was Goobie's reaction. It was awesome seeing Beanie get so excited over a book, but seeing Goobie relate to Froggy was even better. The relief and small smile on his face when he realized that Froggy's daddy said the same thing to Froggy that his parents said to him... that was the best.

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