Saturday, July 7, 2012


Hello and welcome to Literati's Literary Kids! LLK is a sister blog to Literati's Literary Library. Over there, I blog about young adult, middle grade, and adult books. But here we are all about the kids!!

Joining me will be my sons, Goobie and Beanie. They each have their own unique qualities to bring to the table. So let's do a meet and greet!

Age: 4
Interests: How things work, snuggling, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, swimming, cars.
Reading profile: Not much of a reader, despite my efforts. He is a hands-on kind of guy with little interest in books. A reluctant reader, to be sure. If Goobie gives a book a good review, you know it's a keeper!

Age: 2
Interests: Airplanes, trains, cars, cats, dogs, ducks, insects, snakes, and all types of food.
Reading Profile: I have a feeling that most of the reviews on LLK will have an opinion from Beanie. He loves books. He loves to go to the library with me and pick out books. He frequently hugs books and comes asking me to read with him.

And finally, me! I'm here because I want my kids to have the opportunity to read. I want them to learn and experience and open their minds to things outside of the living room.

The three of us are teaming up to read, review, and spread the word about books. We are always open to recommendations, especially if it's a book that you think one of the boys would be interested in. We do accept review requests, but please refer to our guidelines before submitting a request. Thanks!

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