Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Moon Shines Down

Title: The Moon Shines Down
Author: Margaret Wise Brown, additional verses by Laura Minchew
Illustrator: Linda Bleck
Acquired: Purchased at Ollie's
LLK Rating: 5 stars

Beanie's reaction: Beanie first read this book about a month ago, and it's been a favorite ever since. He has so much fun identifying all the things in the illustrations, especially the "Mooooooooon!" and the koala taking us through the story. He enjoys listening to the story and the rhythm seems to sooth him.

Mommy's reaction: What a lovely story. The illustrations are beautiful, crisp, and clean. The story is one I can easily read over and over (which is good, because Beanie loves it so much!). I said that the story seems to sooth Beanie, but the truth is that it soothes me as well. It's gentle and calming. It speaks of unity and helps us to remember that we're all in this together, no matter where we live. For older children, this could easily lead to a look at the map, so that they can see the places mentioned in the book. Fantastic! Educational, unifying, and calming. All great characteristics! The only thing I might mention that is a negative remark, is that in some places the approximate rhyme can jumble the rhythm. It doesn't seem to bother Beanie though. :)

"I see the Moon and the Moon sees me, 
And the Moon sees the children
In Zimbabwe
And all over Africa,
In fields and plains,
Children dance in summer rains." 

This book also has an interesting history. Miss Brown, as you may know, is best known for Goodnight Moon. The Moon Shines Down is based on a New England Sampler Prayer and was found in a trunk in a barn, unfinished. Laura Minchew, a fan of Brown's, found it long after Brown's death and decided to finish it. Laura is a children's book publisher, and she can be credited for some of the verses in The Moon Shines Down. Thank you, Laura, for finishing this book and getting it in the hands of children!

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